Georges Fun Factory

We can send you our wholesale catalog...  just provide us with your company information and tax i.d. no., along with a credit sheet if you desire terms.  It's that simple!

We offer a wide selection of party products, including Bachelorette and Bachelor parties, Girl's Night Out, Over the Hill, Birthday, Drinking, and General Parties.

We ship very quick! Your orders ship within 2 or 3 days in most cases...  many times the same day! Larger orders may take longer depending on size.

Thank you for visiting our wholesale website!  Our webstore is currently under construction, but you can reach us by sending an email to, or by clicking on "contact" above. You can also call us at 740-548-0917,  


We offer no minimum size order! Order what YOU need...  Not a preset minimum dollar or quantity amount! Try out new items with very low risk!